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Just Fussy Cloth Pad FAQ. We're sure you'll love your Fussy Moonbow organic cloth pads and Moonlite panty liners, but we also realize that as with anything new, it may take a little while to get the hang of using cloth instead of disposable products.

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Washable menstrual pads do not enhance that odor; by allowing for adequate air flow ' unlike their plastic-backed disposable cousins ' they can actually reduce the smell. Now if you leave your washable menstrual pad on for an inordinate length of time, that smell will increase, so change it .

Feminine sprays, scented wipes and scented pads or tampons can make menstrual odor worse. According to the University of Chicago, scented products contain chemicals that irritate your vagina, which can lead to increased discharge, infections and increased vaginal d: Jun 17, A sanitary napkin, sanitary towel, sanitary pad, Deodorant is also added to some pads, which is designed to cover menstrual odor with a light fragrance. There are even panty liners specifically designed to be worn with a thong/G-string. Reusable cloth menstrual pad with Kokopelli motif.
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In the morning, I wring out the pad again, squirt/spray more of this product on (like you would do so using a pre-wash conventional stain remover), and store the treated pad in a large wet bag (along with other treated pads I accumulated during my cycle until wash day (i.e. the end of my cycle).

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Leak free periods are possible when finding the right pad coverage. The Always® MY FIT interactive sizing system helps you find the best protection and comfort based on your unique menstrual flow and panty size. Browse our collections of pads including Always Infinity, Always Radiant, Always Ultra Thin, Always Maxi and more. Taking reusable cloth menstrual pads in public can be tricky, until you know how. Unlike a disposable pad or tampon, you don’t throw reusable pads away. They need to stay in your purse or diaper bag until you can take them out at home. Used pads need to stay odor free and neat. You don’t want to.

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Regular changing prevents buildup of bacteria and eliminates odor. Naturally, if your period is heavy, you should change pads more often because they may get saturated more quickly. Tampons. Unlike a pad, which catches menstrual blood after it leaves the body, a tampon absorbs blood from inside the vagina. A tampon is also made of absorbent. I Started My Period And Snapped A Reusable Menstrual Pad Onto My Underwear To Try It Out.

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